Our Story

  • Way back, Vikash Jha B.Tech(CS) and an IT Professional working with MNC was travelling back from London after a official trip where he met Kailash Satyarthi an Indian Children’s rights activist, Nobel Peace prize recipient and founder of Bachpan Bachao Andolan.
  • Vikas was really moved by the thoughts and came back with the idea to teach kids in nearby Slum areas. He then Founded “Bhavishya” NGO with some of the few friends.
  • All through the early years, before being registered on 16th May 2016, “Bhavishya” was still in existence. It has about 10 founder members and 25+ volunteers working for the NGO and about 250+ children who are taught in Noida Sec-71, Sec-45 & Sec-119.


  • Provide basic education facilities to all underprivileged people..
  • There will be no bar of age for gaining the knowledge of education.
  • Helping smaller kids to get admission in schools (government as well as private).
  • Giving tuition or extra help to Dropouts students.
  • Helping the elder one by enhancing their capabilities to make them fit for the outer society.


  • Each student associated with us become able to make their life’s more responsible and affordable.
  • They achieve the resistance to with stand the competitors nature of society.
  • Education is not the fundamental factor of us, we want to reopened the inner hidden abilities of the person know as capabilities. These capabilities makes a person to achieve everything which they actually dreamt of.

Leadership Team


Vikash Jha

Founder & President

  • Vikash founded Bhavishya with only 2 underprivileged kids after an inspirational interaction with Kailash Satyarthi way back in 2016 since then he has grown the organization from an informal, volunteer-led activity for Underprivileged children,
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Rahul Pandey

Co-Founder & Vice President

  • Co-founded Bhavishya NGO along with his friend Childhood Vikash Jha. He use to provide coaching in Sector 71 area and he is first Teaching Volunteer who started teaching Volunteer who started teaching the underprivileged kids.
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Nitish Bansal

General Secretary & Treasurer

  • He Was a Co-worker with Vikash Jha (Founder & President ) in the same IT organization and got motivated and inspired by story of foundation of Bhavishya as it very close to his heart and give him a memory of his old struggle days.
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