Socio-Cultural Day

  • The Need: For overalll development and boost confidence in kids, we try and give them a platform to sing, dance, act and recite poem so that they are encourage to speak and face people and are not shy to communicate.
  • How it Works

  • We organize it on near by dates of -15th August Independence Day, to celebrate the true meaning of independence.
  • We need volunteers to sponsor monetory contribution for organizing the event.
  • Aslo we need volunteers to help us n teaching kids different activities like poem, singing, dancing and acting.

Sports Day

  • "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy".
  • The need:
  • Not only mental growth but we emphasis on physical strength too and that is why provide platform to kids to grow in sports and play their favorite sports.
  • Also we focus that they play more of team games to promote and teach how to do team work.
  • We also look for leaders and team players so that we can accordingly work out future plans for them.