Ed Support

  • One of the biggest challenges faced by children in slums are uneducated parents.
  • The parents are in most cases uneducated themselves and severely under-resourced to provde the kind educational support required for children to flourish.
  • This results in low motivation, poor basics, high dropout rates, lack of positive role models and an ever widening gap between what a child knows and what they should know for their age.

How it works:

  • Our team of Volunteers visits the slums and interact with parents and motivate them to send them to our NGO to study.
  • Once they start coming regularly our teaching volunteers help them to have basic understanding.
  • Once they reach a level that they can read and write properly, we try and get them admitted to any nearby private or government school.
  • Even after they are admitted into schools, we understand that it will hard for them to cope up with syllabus, so by we help them by providing evening classes to match the level.